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Mitzvah Monday: Just Last Saturday Edition

Nicole Lucas’ Bat Mitzvah took place this past Saturday on April 25th. Mazel Tov to Nicole and her whole family! To honor Nicole in this time of celebration, her custom invitation is today’s Mitzvah Monday feature.

Nicole chose an off-white square invitation and included two colors throughout the entire ensemble, pink and blue. Printed on letterpress paper, Nicole used block, script and Hebrew fonts in either pink or blue to bring attention to different features of the invitation.


The thickness of the card stock allowed for an edge paint to be applied; Nicole’s was done in a matching pink (image below).

IMG_3532  IMG_3533


Due to the smooth texture of the paper, Nicole was also able to include a pattern on the reserve side of her main card. She chose a variety of font types displaying her name in pink and blue to add a unique and fun element to the design! The main invitation came out of the envelope on the name repeating (back) side.


IMG_3537   IMG_3528

Nicole’s invitation included a matching Reply and Party card. Her Reply card mirrored her main invitation and was printed on letterpress paper with “Nicole” vertical on the side.

IMG_3534   IMG_3535

The Party card was uniquely cut into a circle shape and highlighted the party information with the phrase “Celebrate with Nicole”. Clever and festive, this Party card was a lively way to display party information in a non-traditional yet easy to read way (image above).

Nicole’s entire invitation including insert cards were enclosed in a white envelope with her name and return address printed on the seal. Overall, her custom design was beautifully crafted and perfect for her April celebration!

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Mitzvah Monday: Eliana Jane

We loved putting together Eliana Jane’s bright invitation for her Bat Mitzvah. The unique designs and colors she chose gave this invitation a fun and girly look perfect for her summer celebration!

Eliana’s invitation came together through inspiration she found from another invitation she saw and loved. We took the elements of what she liked in that other design to create a custom look specifically designed for her.

Eliana’s invitation was digitally printed on double-thick smooth cardstock and incorporated her two favorite colors: orange and pink.



Due to the smooth texture of the card stock, Eliana was able to include a pattern on the reverse side of her main invitation and party card (image below). The pattern Eliana chose was printed in the opposite color of the card, which allowed for a unique yet overall cohesive appearance to her invitation.




Eliana had two versions of her Party card: one that included information for the Party & Service and another that included information regarding the Party only. For both cards, matching fonts and colors were used to match the enclosed Details and RSVP cards. The entire invitation was enclosed in a white envelope.


Eliana2 Eliana3

Eliana Jane celebrated her Bat Mitzvah in an orthodox synagogue and therefore studied with a teacher and educated the congregants on that topic during the service. The celebration took place on Sunday at the Four Seasons overlooking the river in St. Louis. A belated Mazel Tov to Eliana and her whole family! We are so proud of you! :)

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