Mitzvah Monday: How To Incorporate Your Theme

You have your date, your venue, your guest list, and a general idea of the overall theme of your Bar or Bat Mitzvah. But, now it’s time to assemble the invitations and you wonder how to incorporate your desired “look” to the paper accessories of your celebration. Well, you’re in luck! NoteworthyNotes specializes in custom Mitzvah invitations and uses every opportunity possible to bring your celebration theme to life. Below are several examples of the many possibilities of how you, or we, can creatively work within your budget but still WOW guests through your invitation, program, and additional paper options.

Zach’s Urban Style Invitation:

This set included Zach’s main Bar Mitzvah invitation, a Mitzvah Project overview, a Party Card, a Weekend Itinerary and an Attire card. All with matching colors, fonts, design and envelopes. The urban style of Zach’s invitation really set the tone for his casual celebration; we particularly love the wording of his Attire card “dress hip and cool, no ties is the rule”.



Ryan’s Modern Masculine Invitation: 

This set of cards included a main invitation, a Party Card, an RSVP card, a matching reply envelope and custom stamps; all in a “pocket” format on the reverse side of the invitation. Ryan chose navy and gray colors and a modern block font, all of which were incorporated to each aspect of his invitation. Overall, this invitation looked sharp, clean and cohesively designed.



Josh & Daniella’s Sibling Invitation:

Planning a B’nai Mitzvah celebration? Having a hard time incorporating both His and Her features?….Below is a great example of an invitation we designed for a brother and sister that included both male and female characteristics. The family decided to highlight the first initial of each child’s name, but in different fonts. The “J&D” emblem was then used on multiple pieces of the invitation, which provided a uniform appearance.



Olivia’s Letterpress Invitation:

This pink and orange set included a square main invitation, circle Party Card, rectangle Reply card, matching envelopes, personalized stamps and even a custom coaster! This design exceptionally highlighted Olivia’s name, initials and two favorite colors to each piece of the invitation and complimenting details.



Natalie’s Sophisticated Floral Invitation:

This invitation was beautifully crafted and featured letterpress and foil printing styles with a calligraphy addressed envelope. Natalie’s blue and gold color scheme with floral design was nicely incorporated into each aspect of her Bat Mitzvah celebration; included in this set was a rounded corner main invitation, matching envelopes, personalized stamps, Party card, Reply card, folded program and even a custom Save The Date!


Elana Jade’s Multi-Colored Invitation:

This invitation set featured multiple colors with a fading effect. A custom design, Elana chose to include a matching return address on her envelope, personalized stamps, personalized Thank You cards and a matching Reply card to her main invitation. Colorful and festive, this invitation was a bright way to include multiple colors and prepare guests for her jovial celebration!



Let us help you WOW guests by bringing your Mitzvah theme to all aspects of the ceremony and celebration! Visit our Facebook Page or schedule an appointment on our website at


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