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Mitzvah Monday: Unique Typography Finish

For today’s Mitzvah Monday we are featuring a unique typography Bar Mitzvah invitation that included a variety of fonts, decorative details and two printing styles.

Michael’s main invitation was printed in navy thermography on stone colored double-thick card stock. Including a combination of script, block, Hebrew and bolded fonts, the invitation was done in a popular typography layout and presented a festive tone to guests.



On the back of the invitation envelope the family included their return address printed in matching navy thermography.

IMG_4587 IMG_4584

A typography layout (image above) presents a unique and festive appearance that “pops”; the alternating fonts and emphasis on different aspects of the invitation (i.e. Michael’s name, party date and party location) create an upbeat and lighthearted tone for the celebration.

On the reverse side of Michael’s invitation were his initials printed in large silver foil. When guests received the invitation they opened the card to view his initials first before seeing the party invitation and information. We loved this feature of the invitation and how it immediately captured the guests attention and interest.


Included with the main invitation, was a matching typography style Reply card (image below). Printed in matching navy thermography on stone paper, this card complimented the main invitation and included RSVP’s for both the service and the celebration.


A belated Mazel Tov to Michael and his family! Thank you for choosing us to be apart of your special day!

For more information regarding Michael’s custom invitation or how we can help you create unique Bar or Bat Mitzvah Invitations, please visit our website at www.noteworthynotes.com to book an appointment today!  



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Mitzvah Monday: B’nai Mitzvah Edition

Today’s Mitzvah Monday post features an invitation for a B’nai (or joint Bar and Bat) Mitzvah. Sydney and Grayson are sister and brother and created a custom invitation that evenly showcased male and female qualities without jeopardizing a unique and chic design!


Sydney and Grayson chose a double-thick square cardstock for their main invitation. The smooth texture of the paper allowed for the party information to be printed in multiple styles; digital and foil.

To keep a gender neutral appearance among the siblings yet encompass qualities appropriate for an evening celebration, Sydney and Grayson chose a black invitation with white text. However, to highlight both of their names and provide a unique female/male touch to their invitation, Sydney’s and Grayson’s first initials were printed largely in either pink or blue foil (images above).

IMG_3917Included with the invitation was a silver reply card and envelope; both of which were a shimmer or bright shine quality. This portion of the invitation was digitally printed and highly complimented the large invitation by including Sydney’s and Grayson’s large first initials once again (image above).



The invitation and reply card where enclosed in a bright silver envelope with “S/G” initials and return address on the closing seal. Overall, this invitation’s chic appearance encompassed both Sydney’s Bat Mitzvah and Grayson’s Bar Mitzvah appropriately without jeopardizing each other’s favorite colors! Mazel Tov!

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