Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Shower Edition

Today’s Wedding Wednesday post is featuring a few custom Bridal Shower designs we have done recently. Although the wedding (and wedding invitation) are considered the main event, bridal shower’s and bridal shower invitations shouldn’t be forgotten!…The skies the limit with this party invitation as they can be just as customizable and often times less formal than the wedding invite.


Perfect for a champagne brunch or evening shower….This fun invitation is entirely customizable and an exciting way to invite guests to your event! The variety of texts and bolded fonts brings a unique and lively element to the design. Overall this invitation says “Cheers! Let’s have some fun!”



This silhouette invitation is relatively more formal than other invitations and is perfect for a traditional and classic Bride. A variety of background colors are available and fonts are customizable to your preference. Beautiful and elegant, this bridal shower invitation can be used for a more traditional and sophisticated shower celebration.



Match the Bride & Groom’s wedding colors by choosing the background and accent color on this lattice invitation; over 20 options available! The arrangement of fonts gives this invitation a less formal yet festive appearance perfect for any Bride and shower location!



Exciting, sweet and girly….This bridal shower invitation is available in five different color combinations and always a fun invitation to put together. Printed in topography on cardstock and personalized with custom wording, this is an invitation perfect for a fun-loving Bride who lives a happy and colorful life! Images below are our “Vibrant” and “Pastel” designs.



Modern and chic, this invitation is perfect for the trendy Bride! We love the chevron background with accent banner and border. Colors are customizable and available in 7 complimenting combinations. Images below are our Pink & Grey and Navy & Gold designs.



Whimsical and radiant, this invitation was custom created specifically for a Bride whose wedding encompasses the colors included. The back of this invitation is a full floral design matching the top trim of the front side. A variety of color and font options are available. Absolutely perfect for a spring or summer celebration!


Bridal Shower invitations can be festive, modern, sophisticated, formal or an announcement to cheers the Bride & Groom. Whatever your (or Her!) style…we can help you create a custom design that is perfect for any kind of Bridal Shower celebration!

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